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The concept of Nomad Instinct was born from our passion for Africa, which has infected curious, open to new experiences travelers who want to see, to know and to understand more. Africa – the cradle of the Humanity has amazing energy and incredible power of attraction. What we propose is to experience the true, authentic, indigenous Africa – not dominated by mass tourism yet. It is a return to the roots, to nomadic instinct that had been leading tribal nomads for thousands of years, and still invites us to travel in an alternative way, set on adventures and personal experiences, which remain in the memory forever.


 “A nomad’s instinct it is not survival – its wanderlust”

Nomad Instinct is the philosophy of travel in a way that fits best your personality, expectations, interests, needs, and passion… You are our Guests, with whom we create unique travel programs and with whom we plan our African (and not only) expeditions.
We also create programs for tour-operators and travel agencies, especially those open to less standard solutions. And we consult tourist destination for individuals travelling to Spain and North-West Africa.

         Passion and Know-How


The international team of Nomad Instinct is formed of experts of various parts of Africa (and the World), lovers of active tourism and sports. What unites us is the belief that the world is full of wonders – and so we want to show it to you. We act locally. We focus on areas that we know well. We work on the spot with the best providers. Our partners are reliable, experienced organizers of tourism, leisure and sports in the regional markets and non-profit organization supporting the development of local communities – we support the idea of ​​responsible tourism and sustainable development. We cooperate with the rally teams, sport camps, local foundations, experienced mountain and local guides, sports and outdoor activities specialists, off road pilots, photographers, animators of culture and events, festivals and workshops.

We do not impose ready-made patterns – the most important are YOU and your interests, passions and dreams. We create travel programs together, step by step, listen carefully to your ideas and propose the best solutions. We believe that the perception of sensations and a possibility of a soaking in the atmosphere and culture of the region is important, and we try to show what really deserves attention. We respect individuality – we will help you organize a trip even for a very small group (2 persons as minimum). Travel in a small group has another advantage – the framework program implies a certain freedom to take spontaneous decisions on the spot.

    Choose what suits you best


Trips, expeditions and theme stays programs which we sent on request are original proposals of our team, and of partner companies – which in that case can be developed and modified by us to the needs of our guests and corporate clients. Consider these examples as a source of inspiration and starting point for the creation of your own “journey to meet the dreams”, which we hope, will transform into the adventure of a lifetime.

We introduced 3 categories of Travel: Experience, Adventure and Explorer. Our trips and expeditions are assigned to 1 or 2 categories. Please, be sincere to yourself and answer some questions below to know what suits you best.

                     Experience    E


  • Are you going to this part of the world for the first time?
  • Do you prefer trips a bit more “organized”?
  • What you want is to know what is most interesting to visit, to experience and “taste” the atmosphere of the country and learn as much as possible in a condensed time?
  • Do you value a sense of comfort?
  • Do you have concerns about finding yourself in a different culture?
    EXPERIENCE is just for you.


             Adventure    A


  • You have been already here, but departed feeling unsatisfied?
  • Would you like to see and experience more?
  • Are you interested in less known, hard to reach places and countries?
  • Standard holiday programs do not correspond with your expectations?
  • Do you prefer to travel in the company of family/friends only?
  • Adventure sucks – even if not everything can be precisely planned and predicted?
    ADVENTURE is just for you.


  •               Explorer    X


  • Always independent and preferring to step in your own paths?
  • Routes explored by others are not for you?
  • The hotel’s five stars have no chance to compete with the “million stars hotel” – overnight in the wilderness under open sky?
  • Adventure is a challenge, adrenaline, hardships and sacrifice?
  • Road beckons you into the unknown?
  • Are you looking for extreme experiences?
  • Do you think that the real adventure begins where the comfort zone ends?
  • Do you plan and realize your travels alone and no one is needed to help?
    EXPLORER is just for you.

However if you’ve looked in here, it is likely that you are missing time to plan your dream trip this time. Yes, you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you something special.  

    A moment of reflection


We want to show the World as it is – true and sometimes distant from our perceptions and stereotypes. Our trips are designed for travelers open to the world and people, respecting the culture, traditions and local customs. Africa defends itself with the beauty of landscapes, cultural diversity and truly magnetic atmosphere. On the other hand, be realistic. Do not expect that in developing countries, everything will function like a Swiss watch.








SENEGAL, AUGUST 2017      



Our 2nd trail moto route to the Niokolo Koba National Park in Eastern Senegal, scheduled on August 2017,  is a simple “descent” to Western Black Africa. It will pass through Morocco and Mauritania to the beautiful area of the upper valley of Gambia River, and territory of the Bassari tribe, in the Senegal.


The challenge to the participants is to see who is able to do all that route by going through more “Control Points” in the schedules set. Participants go independently, using their own information previously collected, their travel material and local infrastructures. Go “in the own pace”.  And so are the TRAIL MOTO ROUTES of TRANSAHARA.


 It’s going to be a simple route. Between the 2nd and the 14th of August 2017 we pointed out 27 Control Points (…or Meeting Points) in which you have to be with a specific schedule. Participants should use local infrastructures, those available to the public in Africa; accommodation, restaurants, mechanical workshops, gas stations etc… The coordinators control the passage of the participants through the Control Points and we provide all the information needed on the march. Anyway everyone must live on his personal adventure on the Black Continent!

The participants will be informed about how to obtain the visas of Mauritania and Senegal, how to buy the ferry tickets, what accommodations you can find in Africa, what restaurants we recommend, where you can find garages and workshops, what would be the weather in the rainy season, roads and tracks. We provide information about preparation of your motobikes, and the necessary documentation needed… And for those who carry GPS  searching for waypoints is necessary beforehand.

Then, en route, in the START we deliver a digital Road Book in a pendrive in which we point out where are all the Control Points with their definitive scheduled opening hours. In this definitive digital Roadbook there will also be complementary information. In the Control Points you will find the raid coordinators and there you will be able to obtain additional information. Because the coordinators know perfectly the regions traveled.

The NIOKOLO KOBA NATIONAL PARK TRAIL ROUTE: SENEGAL. AUGUST 2017 will end at the spectacular Niokolo Koba National Park on the banks of the upper Gambia valley. It is one of the most beautiful places of the Republic of Senegal. The FINISH will be in the “campement touristique” Simenti. There the Trophies will be delivered.

Afterwards, each one could rest, and then return home individually at their own pace: Going to visit the nearby Bassari indigenous villages, go to Dakar, the island of Gorée and Lac Rose of Retba, then along the coast heading north, Or follow the south course crossing the borders of Mali, Burkina Faso or Guinea Conakry.












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